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We hear what we want to. - Who am I? And how, I wonder, will this story end? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
.my name is distance.

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We hear what we want to. [Dec. 7th, 2008|12:05 pm]
.my name is distance.
Wake up screaming

Cigarette fingers they left a stain
Incriminating notes on a paper chain
Did you ever get the feeling that you've been cheated?
I wanna bust out and not be defeated

They're all strong bones they hold no water
Got the whiplash smile, this gets harder
Time has wound down and the weed's been cached
Because half measures are all half assed

How did we ever end up this way?
And I've gone numb in dissaray
Cultivating our ignorance
Didn't we have some standards once?

I hate you and your cowboys boots
We wanted clever but settled for stupid
You threw it all away so indiscreet
Like a bad boy break he's a drty little cheat

It's a shallow vicious state of mind
Like an angry chump getting dumped online
Gimme back my photos will you
You fucking whore I'll kill you

Don't believe a word
Just keep on breathing
Cause pretty soon that good King George
Will wake up screaming

Our soundtrack is a summer thing
Some don't even replace the stain
Rap stars brag about shooting each other
What ever happend to "Brother, brother?"

We like thugs when they attack
And we like crime when it's black on black
Isn't this you cruel hearted faker?
Isn't this more than you can take?

Don't believe a word
Just walk on by
Cause this moment will pass
And then we all, can all get high

Don't believe it
Just keep on breathing
Oh pretty soon, that good King George
Will wake up screaming

Round up all the big lynch pins
Oh yay for the bullies, they always win
All sensation makes no sense
You've got some insane confidence

I can't find myself, I can't change the station
In this corporate sell-out ill-bidding nation
Scandalize now with such ease
America gave me back my keys

The Senate blows, the solider squeeze
His trigger on fake enemies
We're on the road and all alone
When you come home, bring 'em home...