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Who am I? And how, I wonder, will this story end?

I'll be the last sound that you hear as your eyes close.

.my name is distance.
3 September
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When I was a child, I used to climb the sycamore trees that were planted around the condos where we lived. When we moved to Orlando, there was one in my back yard, and as I grew, it seemed to grow with me. It had the biggest leaves, and in the fall, you could walk out my back door and immerse yourself in a sea of death, dead leaves that had drifted down, throughout the night, to their final resting place; a bed of wet grass. Every now and then you could find one still clinging to the tree, crying out with its faint breath to just be let go. That's the problem with trees. They don't know when to let go. They were littered with orange and brown stains of imperfection, and they may have been stubborn, but not stupid. In the spring, they would be clad in a thick coat of greenery, but no one ever takes road-trips up north in the spring to watch the leaves come in. We all get into our rented mini-vans and family sedans to see the beauty that is nature, in its purest, most innocent form, not knowing when to let go.

I see it around me.
I see it in everything:
I could be so much more than this.

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